Taking Herbal Supplements in Tea Form

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While in graduate school working on my Master’s degree in herbal medicine, I was privileged to study herbs from a historical/traditional use perspective as well as from the standpoint of modern clinical research. Not surprisingly, traditional use was often validated by modern research. However, there was one particular aspect of traditional use that differed from the modern use of herbal supplements: herbs used traditionally were typically used as teas, whereas most modern herbal supplements are used as extracts and standardized herbs in capsule or tincture forms. Of course, these more modern forms are clinically validated and—if well formulated—effective for the purpose intended. That being said, it is true that herbal teas can also be highly effective as long as they provide a high-quality source of herbs. In addition, herbal teas have a few other unique benefits.

Alvita herbal teas

First of all, Alvita has been in business for 100 years. That’s a level of experience and customer trust that you rarely find. Second, our herbal teas exclusively use fully organic sources of herbs. This means that they don’t contain pesticides, they are not GMO modified, and environmentally responsible farming methods have been used to grow them. Third, our teas pass all quality tests including tests for heavy metals and microbiological agents, so safety is verified. Furthermore, the herbs also undergo organoleptic analysis, which means they are examined for physical properties of appearance and aroma—an important consideration for teas. Without question, Alvita herbal teas use only the highest quality herbs.

Alivta teas are unique in a few other ways too. An important consideration is that we use the correct about of each herb in the tea bag to ensure that you are receiving an efficacious dose. Furthermore, we advise you on precisely how long to brew your tea at what temperature so that the appropriate active compounds in the herb are transferred into the tea, allowing you to experience the full benefit of the herb. Additionally, we use single herbs, not herbal blends. It is our position that it is more important to be able to fit an efficacious dose of one herb in the tea bag, rather than put a blend of herbs in the bag, none of which are present at efficacious doses.

Additional benefits of herbal teas

Now, in addition to the health promoting properties for which you’re using a given herbal tea, these forms of herbal supplements offer three other distinct benefits:

  • Enjoying an herb in tea form is a full sensory experience – When you swallow a capsule, the herb it contains may be effective, but it is hardly a sensory experience (unless you have trouble swallowing it, in which case it’s a negative sensory experience). With a tea however, you get to wrap you hands around the warmth of the cup, bring it to your nose and inhale the natural aroma of the herb. If you prefer, you can even ice the beverage and make an iced tea out of it. Then, as you sip the tea, you also experience the flavor of the herb and all of its naturally occurring, health-promoting compounds. The smell and flavor provide instant verification that the herb is the real deal, so you can be confident in what you’re using. Also, the very act of sitting down to drink a cup of tea is relaxing and destressing—which provides additive benefits to those that the tea provides
  • Lots of people suffer from pill fatigue – Pill fatigue is when people who are supposed to take pills, get tired of taking them and, as a result, often fail to do so. This is an issue said to impact millions of people around the globe. One estimate[1] is that approximately 50% of patients do not take medication as prescribed and therefore do not experience the full benefits of the recommended intervention due to pill fatigue. While there are currently no estimates for how pill fatigue effects people using herbal supplements, we do know that there are a significant number of people experiencing it. An advantage of herbal tea is that your herbal supplement(s) can be obtained in the enjoyable form of a hot or iced liquid that you can easily consume whether or not you’re currently taking other supplements.
  • Turning water into wellness – The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is about 15.5 cups of fluids a day for men and about 11.5 cups for women. So, since you need to drink plenty of fluids daily, why not turn your water into wellness? The use of one or more Alvita herbal teas daily (hot or iced)

When you use Alvita herbal teas, you are exclusively using the herbal tea brand that ticks all of these boxes:

  • Organic
  • Single herb
  • Precise directions on how to steep and use
  • Accurate dosing based on traditional use 
  • A reliable brand that has been around for 100 years

[1] https://www.keppelhealthreview.com/winter2022/pillfatigue#:~:text=Pill%20fatigue%20is%20not%20often,benefits%20of%20the%20recommended%20intervention.

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