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Alfalfa Tea


Alfalfa is an herbal superstar that supports nutrition, healthy kidney function, a healthy immune system, and is ideal for women’s health. $6.99

Dandelion Root Tea


Dandelion supports healthy liver and kidney function. It is a go-to herb for detox – providing cleansing and digestive support. $6.99

Ginger Root Tea


Ginger is a versatile herb that supports healthy digestion, healthy inflammatory response and healthy immune function. $6.99



Hibiscus supports healthy cardiovascular function. It’s abundant in antioxidants and cooling for the body. $6.99

Nettle Tea


Nettle is nourishing due to vitamin and mineral content. It supports women’s health, healthy inflammatory response and healthy joint function. $6.99

Red Clover Tea


Red clover is a mild diuretic and supports circulation and lymph movement. Great for healthy skin! $6.99

Senna Tea


Senna is a natural laxative that can be used to relieve occasional constipation. It supports healthy digestion by encouraging elimination. $6.99

Turmeric Root Tea


Turmeric Root supports a healthy inflammatory response, healthy skin, healthy liver function and healthy joint function. $6.99

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