Alvita Recipes

Bowl of quinoa, wooden spoon, and Alvita Ginger Root tea box
16 Sep: Ginger Quinoa

Our Ginger Root tea is excellent for settling stomachs and is packed full of flavor. It’s great for cooking, too! This light and fluffy dish will have you rethinking a classic staple.

Small glass container of dressing using Alvita Ginger Root tea surrounded by a whisk, raw ginger, and a wooden bowl of salad
01 Sep: Zesty Ginger Dressing

Spice up your life (and give yourself some digestive support) with our Zesty Ginger Dressing. Who knew eating well could be so flavorful? We definitely recommend making extra to share (or to keep for yourself).

Jar of yellow turmeric face mask surrounded by teaspoon of ground Turmeric, makeup brush, cloth, and bag of Alvita Turmeric Root tea
25 Aug: Turmeric + Honey Face Mask

Take some time to relax and rejuvenate with our turmeric & honey face mask. Turmeric soothes irritations, evens skin tone and protects against collagen breakdown. Add in some enzyme-rich honey and your skin will get double the antioxidant power!

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