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Revitalize with Alvita! A tea that never goes out of style.

Legacy tea brand celebrates its 100th anniversary with a renewed focus on branding and targeted products trending with consumers.

Boca Raton, FL | June 21, 2022

Alvita, a leader in the organic herbal tea market since 1922, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding in celebration of its 100th year anniversary. The brand has never wavered on its promise to offer high quality herbal teas, with an emphasis on single herbs that have functional benefits. Alvita’s rebranding reenergizes this commitment and targets a broader range of consumers that are substituting coffee with tea.

The global herbal tea market is expected to register a CAGAR of 4.94% by 2025.* 32% of the growth is driven by the functional tea market within North America. A major driver of increased tea consumption has been that a larger percentage of professionals are working from home, a trend that began with COVID. Consumers have also experienced pill fatigue over the years and often prefer to consume a drink with immediate benefits. Plus more and more people are infusing experiential herbal teas into their healthy lifestyle in keeping with the self-care movement.

“If you want to drink a ‘fun tea’ that doesn’t really have any benefit for your health, there are plenty to choose from. But if you want the real deal, then Alvita is the brand for you with USDA organic, single-herbal teas that provide the correct dose and brewing directions for the best possible results,” explains Gene Bruno, Registered Herbalist and Alvita’s Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs.

“Our entire team is thrilled to refresh the Alvita brand,” points out Candice St. Pierre, Ph.D. and Vice-President of Sales at Alvita’s parent company Twinlab. “With 100 years of experience, Alvita is—in my opinion—the quintessential brand of health-promoting herbal teas. And now we’re seeing a lot of exciting new energy around it.”
The relaunch includes 8 individual herbal teas, each with its own set of wellness functions. With Alvita, consumers actually notice an impact on their lives. It’s not just about taste. It’s about the feeling of wellness you get every time you drink it.

Boost: Alfalfa is an herbal superstar that supports nutrition, healthy kidney function, a healthy immune system and women’s health.

Detox: Dandelion Root supports healthy liver and kidney function. It’s a go-to herb for cleansing and digestive support.

Balance: Ginger Root is a versatile herb that supports healthy digestion, inflammatory response* and immune function.

Chill: Hibiscus supports healthy cardiovascular function. It’s abundant in antioxidants and cooling for the body.

Nourish: Nettle is a nourishing tea. It supports women’s health, healthy inflammatory response* and healthy joint function.

Purify: Red Clover is a mild diuretic and supports circulation and lymph movement. It’s also great for healthy skin!

Eliminate: Senna is a natural laxative that can be used to relieve occasional constipation. It supports healthy digestion by encouraging elimination.

Activate: Turmeric Root supports a healthy inflammatory response,* healthy skin and healthy liver function.

*Helps support a healthy inflammatory response not associated with any medical condition.

Alvita will continue to focus on high quality, 100% organic and kosher-certified, single-herb teas. It’s also committed to continue manufacturing in the USA. Rebranded SKUs will be on shelf in health food stores nationwide as well as Amazon.com starting in August 2022. Products can also be purchased on alvita.com. Each herbal tea type is affordable and comes in a box with 16 tea bags retailing at $6.99 (SRP).

Learn more at alvita.com | 1-888-449-2512

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About Alvita®

Continuing a tradition begun in 1922, Alvita is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The brand was founded by a group of natural foods enthusiasts who recognized the benefits of vitamins and minerals provided by the rich green foliage and deep root system of alfalfa. The brand name “Alvita” actually derives from the words alfalfa and vitamins. Just like in the beginning, Alvita continues to source the finest herbs, support farms that preserve the natural state of the land, and uphold integrity by formulating and testing its own products. With Alvita, you get the quintessential, high-quality, organic, single-herb tea. You’ll notice the impact on your life. It’s not just about taste. It’s about the feeling of wellness you get every time you drink it.

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*Source: Mordor Intelligence 2022

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