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Alvita Tea

Our tea is steeped in a tradition begun in 1922 and continued today through the same standards of excellence used in those first tea bags. Alvita Tea originated with a group of alfalfa enthusiasts who saw the potential health benefits of the vitamins and minerals provided by the rich green foliage and deep root system. They innovated, simplified, and improved consumption methods by introducing alfalfa in tea bags.

The Legacy of Our Herbal Teas

The brand name “Alvita” is an abbreviation of alfalfa and vitamins and forever reminds us of the partnership of quality and impact. Alvita Tea was founded on integrity of product. Our teas may start with science but end with taste. We prioritize every stage of the process, including proper sourcing of best in class herbs, testing/formulating our own products, effective servings, and clear directions. We strive to build trust and loyalty and earn your repeat business.

Our teas start with science and end with taste

Our commitment leads to proper sourcing, efficacious serving sizes and directions to build trust, loyalty and repeat sales with consumers.

Sourced from Around the World:

Source matters. Alvita buys best in class herbs delivering on precise quality specs and controlled measure.

High Impact:

Alvita teas deliver high potency/serving size than any other brand. Approximately 2X the servings, based on science to ensure a sensational and therapeutic feeling.


Alvita offers best in class product with the certifications to support the priorities of our retailers and your consumers.

From Formulation to Your Family:

We study, formulate, source and test our own
products because we believe it’s the best way to ensure only the best products reach you and your family.


Alvita supports sustainability from farming to packaging, buying from farms that grow and preserve the natural state of the land, and producing with minimal packaging waste.

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