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Some Common Questions:
  • Where are the herbs grown?

    Alvita sources herbs from all over the world. We look for herbs that are grown organically by responsible growers that prioritize the land.

  • Are your products organic?

    We source organically grown herbs wherever possible. Our products, with one exception, are made with USDA certified Organic herbs. Pau D ’Arco is not available organically grown and is an ethically wildcrafted herb.

  • How do I brew the tea?

    Brewing instructions that are specific to each herb are on the box. We recommend the amount of water, boiling temperature, and steep time. We recommend that you cover your cup as it steeps to help moderate the temperature and ensure the most efficacious brew of the herb.

  • Can I make this into Iced Tea?

    We recommend brewing herbs from hot water as it helps release the essential oils and valuable constituents in the herbs. To make an iced tea, follow the brewing instructions on the package using 2 tea bags, then pour over ice.

  • Are your teas gluten free?

    The teas are all gluten free and processed in a facility that doesn’t process any gluten products.

  • Are any potential allergens in your teas?

    The herbs are processed in a facility that is free of wheat, nuts and shellfish.

  • What are your tea bags made of?

    The paper is made of Natural Abaca , Natural Wood pulp and Thermal fiber.

  • Do your teas contain caffeine?

    • Most of our teas (tisanes) are made of herbs, which are naturally caffeine free.
    • Green tea contains on average 20-30 milligrams of caffeine per cup.
    • Decaf green tea may have trace amounts of caffeine.
  • Are Alvita products safe for children?*

    We recommend that our products be used for adults 18 years or older. Please consult your health care provider regarding use of herbs with children.

  • Are your products safe for pregnant and lactating women?*

    • We recommend that pregnant and lactating women consult their health care provider concerning use of herbs.
    • The FDA urges women to consult with their health care provider before beginning any herbal protocols.
  • Can I take Alvita teas with my prescription medication?*

    We recommend consulting your health care provider to learn about your medication and interactions with herbs.

What Makes this Brand Unique?

Harvested from nature. Steeped in tradition.

At Alvita, we recognize that herbs are a gift from the earth. We take that stewardship seriously. Our premium raw materials are carefully chosen from select locations throughout the world. Our experts are trained to combine comprehensive historical knowledge, current scientific data and market demand to bring you a carefully selected array of teas. Each tea is identified using the latest scientific methods and is then thoroughly tested for efficacy, aroma, color, taste and mouthfeel. Through meticulous review of the scientific data, we establish and confirm proper serving size and the optimum brewing techniques. It is our mission to deliver maximum benefit, clinically studied medicinal herbs and excellent taste.

All skus are single herbs or a blend of 2 herbs. You know exactly what you are getting. Certified organic. No flavorings, sweeteners, or additives. Pure Herbs.

Alvita sources herbs that are grown Organically and Responsibly from all over the world.

Each box of Alvita contains 24 tea bags. A great value for the price.

Each box has instructions specific to the herb to ensure an efficacious cup.

Alvita has been in a trusted brand in herbal teas since 1922.

Please note:

While several of the herbs have traditional or common use with children, pregnant women, or mixed with medication, when asked about specific health conditions, as a brand we cannot provide health care advice. Per the FDA we cannot diagnose, treat, cure any illness or disease.

The following questions that come up, the best thing we can do is to refer the customer to seek advice from their health care practitioner.