Dandelion Root Keeps Things Moving Without Caffeine

Nutritionist Natalie discusses dandelion root tea's support of digestion, gallbladder and liver function, and detoxification

Our resident nutritionist Natalie explains why Dandelion Root Tea is so great for your body.

“Dandelion Root has a long traditional use in medicine practices to support your gallbladder and liver function. And the way it’s doing this is by helping stimulate bile production and flow so that you can digest fats in your diet. And that can be anything like fatty meats, dairy, nuts, seeds, or one of my favorites, avocado. Dandelion Root is helping you detoxify and get rid of junk in your body. And this is what a lot of times is building up in your system, it’s causing you to feel sluggish and yucky and heavy and not have a lot of energy. 

“When you brew it, it has this really rich dark color and it’s an awesome alternative to coffee if you need to reduce your caffeine.”   

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