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Since 1922

Alvita Tea

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The tea that’s steeped in tradition.

Alvita Tea continues a tradition begun in 1922 with a group of alfalfa enthusiasts, who recognized the benefits of vitamins and minerals provided by the rich green foliage and deep root system of alfalfa. The brand name “Alvita” represents the partnership of alfalfa and vitamins and ensures quality and flavor. We start by sourcing the best in class herbs, supporting farms that preserve the natural state of the land, and uphold integrity by formulating and testing our own products. 

Our Herbal Teas

The Highest Quality Organic & Herbal Teas

Our herbal teas offer something for everyone. Browse our rewarding selection and choose according to taste and health and wellness benefits. The various blends feature nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to relax, rejuvenate, mitigate body aches, eliminate toxins, improve sleep patterns, and so much more.

How we select teas

Enjoy The Benefits of All-Natural Herbal Teas

Used for centuries to increase overall health, herbal teas provide a natural, safer, and more accessible alternative to prescription medicines. Alvita Tea invites you to email or call us at 833-258-4821 to learn more. We love talking about our teas and have assisted all ages of consumers, with all different types of issues and goals. At Alvita Tea, we provide unmatched quality of teas and service, earning your trust, loyalty, and satisfaction.  

Our Legacy

Chai Tea, Relaxing Tea & Herbal Tea

Alvita Tea stands out from our competitors through:

  • Active ingredients in our teas
  • Appropriate dose, precise preparation and use instructions
  • Consistency of products
  • Effectiveness of products
  • High potency and impact
  • Length of product production
  • Minimal packaging waste
  • Organic and kosher certifications

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